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The World's Most Sexiest Brunettes!

Jessica Lowndes

Compared to the rest of the female cast on 90210, like the very petite Shenae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Lowndes is definitely the star with the most appeal to men over the age of 18. She recently revealed to FHM magazine that she likes to treat her curves to splurges on lingerie: "I have a lingerie addiction... I have three drawers full of lingerie at home, and I have already been lingerie shopping in London, even though I should be going out and buying more practical clothes... I just can't help myself; it makes me feel pretty and sexy." We see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Sunny Leone

Alessandra Ambrosio

Whether she’s dressed up in candy or just being altogether angelic, the very spicy Alessandra Ambrosio is easily among the modeling world’s most beautiful women. Except for some pinned ears that resulted in botched plastic surgery, Alessandra Ambrosio is all-natural and all the better for it.

Alessandra Ambrosio Quote

" 80 percent of the time I'm on some beautiful island in a bikini!"
Jesse Jane

Angelina Jolie

When both men and women consistently rate you as the woman they'd most like to sleep with, you know you're sexy. As far as we know, Angelina Jolie hasn't mauled herself via plastic surgery just yet. She is the epitome of beauty whether she's wearing a headscarf in an African refugee camp or she's donning a designer gown on the red carpet. She seemed to be more famous for having kissed her brother at the Academy Awards than for having won one.

ah, those lips...

Camilla Belle

No one was complaining about the idea of Camilla Belle's prehistoric 10,000 BC babe sporting perfect teeth and beautiful dark hair. Camilla Belle is blessed with sex appeal not only from her looks but also because of her warm and giving personality. Don't think that Camilla Belle takes a soft approach to maintaining her natural beauty, though. She takes pride in having done all of her own stunts for When a Stranger Calls and having toned up her curvy body in the process.

Jessica Pare

Flash forward 10 years, and Jessica Paré’s most widely seen role since her banner year was as a booby-flashing in the Hot Tub Time Machine. Once Canada’s most promising export, Jessica Paré was now showing her breasts on screen for a paycheck. Then she landed a role as a secretary on AMC’s wildly popular Mad Men, was proposed to by Don Draperin the season four finale. Jessica Paré was only 18 when she landed the lead role in Denys Arcand’s Stardom, a film whose title many believed foreshadowed Paré’s future in show business.

Jennifer Lopez

Like a fine wine, Jennifer Lopez seems to get curvier and better with age. With the most famous rear curves in show business, she's a living example of the "back" that Anthony Ray used to rave about, and she's made it more than cool for women to have splendid junk in the trunk. The only woman so far to top the list of FHM's "100 Sexiest Women" on two different occasions. Lopez is still the most recognizable and most worshiped Latin American celebrity on the planet, whether she's walking toward you or walking away.

Anne Hathaway

For someone who once considered becoming a nun, the lovely Anne Hathaway is quite a liberated lady. An interest in paintings in childhood familiarized her with nudes, and since she considers acting to be an art form, she doesn't say no to taking it all off on film. Anne Hathaway likes the simple things when it comes to dating. That means dressing comfortably, watching some good art, and just sharing some solid romantic chemistry. People took notice in a very different way when she bared her skin in Love and Other Drugs.

Emmanuelle Chriqui


If you're going to pursue a date with Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka The World's Most Desirable Woman of 2010, there are a few things to know -- starting with how to pronounce her last name (it sounds like "shriek-y," not "creaky"). Next is that she places more value on qualities like generosity, good-heartedness and sense of humor than looks. We've had our eye on the lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui for some time, as have many other admirers of this natural beauty. She appeared on lists for FHM (Top Sexiest Women in the World, 2008), Maxim (Hot 100 Lists, 2007) and Stuff (102 Sexiest Women in the World, 2002). Future sex symbol Emmanuelle Chriqui kicked things off in the culturally-diverse city of Montreal. With a Moroccan and Jewish background, her own diversity would've been a natural fit.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is perfectly at home prancing around in a teeny bikini. "I'm comfortable looking sexy,” she insists. “Hollywood always plays up your sexuality because that's what gets men into the theaters. It's nothing to be ashamed of.” We agree. Alba has since become a fixture in our beloved annual poll as well as in lists compiled by Maxim, FHM, GQ, People, Star, Playboy, and Victoria’s Secret, all of which have praised her for her alluring screen presence and delectable 34-24-34 dimensions.Regardless of the roles, all of her characters possess an undeniable charm and, more often than not, a smokin’ hot body encased in a bare minimum of fabric.